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Lakes at Centerra Metropolitan District Capital Project

Working with the project team of engineers, planners, construction managers, and other professionals, we provide administrative support for public infrastructure projects. Providing management of the public bidding process, administering contracts, project budget oversight, site observation, progress reports, and coordination of municipal and district acceptance.

Our established processes and procedures allow us to manage a wide range of facilities, including parks, green belts, detention/storage ponds, irrigation systems, non-potable water systems, pools, recreational facilities, sewer, storm and water facilities.



City of Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado




Lakes at Centerra Metropolitan District Capital Project

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District Team

  • Brendan Campbell
  • Andrew Kunkel
  • Sarah Bromley
  • Kieyesia Conaway
  • Irene Buenavista
  • Brendan Campbell
  • Jennifer Ondracek
  • Kitty McElroy
  • Casey Milligan
  • Nic Ortiz
  • Dillon Gamber
  • Doug Campbell
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