Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc., was founded in 2004 by Chad Walker and Peggy Dowswell.  Actively working in the private and public sectors our founders observed a need in the Northern Colorado market for comprehensive Title 32 District Management Services supporting individual project Public-Private Partnerships.  Pinnacle was founded to provide this comprehensive service through District Management / Administration, Finance / Accounting, and Capital Infrastructure / Maintenance.  Pinnacle, from the beginning, has been missionally focused to serve our clients and communities through creating mutually beneficial Public-Private Partnerships through many financial and land development tools including Title 32 Metropolitan Districts. Title 32 Metropolitan Districts continue to be a great solution to the needs of both the private and public sectors throughout Colorado.

Pinnacle is a leader in the Title 32 District industry throughout Colorado, currently managing over one hundred Title 32 Special Districts with a total annual operating budget of over $34 million, managing a Bond Debt Portfolio of over $780 million, and managing the construction of land development infrastructure over $80 million. With unique expertise in Title 32 Metropolitan Districts, Public-Private Partnerships, exceptional staff, and offices in Loveland and Denver, Pinnacle is prepared to assist your team in enhancing Colorado through a successful project.

Pinnacle’s foundational commitment to our core values, decades of special district experience, and strong relationships with governmental entities, attorneys, underwriters, engineers, contractors, and other professionals facilitates the desired success with every client.  The team collaboration of district management, finance and accounting, capital infrastructure and facility management is tailored to the specific needs of each unique and valued client.

We provide our clients with the highest level of expertise, efficiency and proven procedures in the industry.


Company Values

Our dedication to company values creates focus and consistency

  • EXCELLENCE in client services. With effective efficient personal processes and procedures.
  • TEAM WORK cooperatively providing excellent service and sound solutions.
  • RESPECTFUL professional and humble work ethic.
  • EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP proactively fulfilling client needs and modeled through example.
  • EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS with continual attention to the details.


Cultural Character

We are extending unearned, undeserving accommodation
and forgiveness to our team members and clients.

We are intentionally engaged with our team members
and clients enabling us to be intuitively impactful with our words
and actions as we serve.

We treat others with dignity, demonstrating our high regard
for their feelings, positions and needs.

We fortify who we are individually and as a company through
honesty and trust, supporting our strong moral compass.

We are personally obligated to provide the service we have
committed to and accountable to complete this service in an
exceptional manner.

We are enthusiastic about learning new things, taking on new work,
and assisting our teammates.  We are committed to completing our
work well, looking to the future and ready to go above and beyond
as opportunities arise.

Team Focused
We focus on the success of the team over one’s self,
we value the contributions of our fellow team members,
and are accountable to the teams we serve.