District Management

Our established processes and procedures allow us to deliver sound management and administrative support services to run the day to day operations of the District. We provide the foundation for effective Board and community interactions allowing the Board of Directors set policy. We manage a wide range of public improvements including parks, green belts, detention/storage ponds, irrigation systems, non-potable water systems, pools, recreational facilities, sewer, storm and water facilities. We create and monitor annual budgets, manage capital details, maintain statutory compliance, update constituent information, handle insurance, and facilitate contracts and legal agreements. We provide continual communication with everyone from the Board, to constituents, and we serve as a knowledgeable liaison for the District with local governments and constituents.




What We Do for You

Administration & Management
Agreements / Contracts Draft, Administer and Monitor Agreements (Service Contracts, Agreements, IGAs, etc.)
Board Meetings Preparation, Postings, Packets, Attendance, Minutes and Follow-up
Compliance Filing, Reporting
General Correspondence Newsletters, welcome letters, ARC information, website maintenance
Insurance Board of Directors, Facilities and Property Policies
Management Scheduling, Status Reporting, Review
Record Management Maintain District files and records
Title Property closing support (title information / coordination and research)
Budget Preparation and Monitoring of Annual budget
Collections Past Due Collections, Notices, Lien Filing / Release
Fee Billings Utility Billing, O&M Fee, Development Fee
Payables Review and Process Invoices, Draft Payables Listing, Banking
Reporting Action Plan, Utility Tracking
ARC Administration Coordination the Design Review, Acceptance, Fee Collection, Record Management
Constituent Communications Phone Call, E-Mail, Letter tracking
Covenant Enforcement Site Observation, Violation Letters