Summer Skov Position Change

Congratulations to Summer Skov on her new position of Accounts Payable / Receivable Manager. She has helped created new processes to improve efficiency and accuracy while regularly sharing her growing knowledge with the team so they can continue to develop as well. Thank you for all you do!

SDA 2022 Annual Conference

Our leadership team had the opportunity to attend the annual Special District Association of Colorado (SDA) conference this September 13-15th. Every year the conference provides attendees with educational workshops on new legislation regarding special districts, resources to educate staff with, and leadership development.

Elaina Cobb Position Change

Congratulations to Elaina Cobb on her new position of Senior District Administrator / District Manager. She is a continuous resource to staff and constituents with her wealth of knowledge and commitment to servant leadership. Thank you for all you do!

Sarah Bromley Position Change

Congratulations to Sarah Bromley on her new position of District Manager. She provides a great deal of awareness and integrity to her work and the needs of those we serve. Thank you for all you do!

Addie Gallegos Promotion

Congratulations to Addie Gallegos for being promoted to Human Resource Manager. She has been with Pinnacle for almost 3 years and has continued to wow us with her hunger to learn and support staff through HR. She is truly stellar! Addie has been essential in building out the HR department and is quickly moving up … Continued

The Matthews House: Burger Bash

We love getting to partner with The Matthews House throughout the year! On Wednesday, August 17th 125 people attended their Burger Bash & Bingo event this at First Presbyterian Church. We hosted and provided grilled burgers and hot dogs for the families of The Matthews House and then led everyone in a fun bingo session with prizes … Continued

Daryl Fields Promotion

Congratulations to Daryl Fields for being promoted to Senior Facility Manager. We look forward to him pulling from his experience as a Facility Operations Manager and positive attitude to ensure our constituents and clients needs are met in an efficient and timely manner. Thank you for all you do!

Denise Stetz Promotion

Congratulations to Denise Stetz for being promoted to Senior Office Manager. She has been a wonderful asset to the Corporate team as she handles each day with grace for our staff and those we serve. Thank you for all you do!

Jennifer Ondracek Promotion

Congratulations to Jennifer Ondracek for being promoted to Accounting Manger. She shows a great deal of integrity in her work with a high regard to the needs of our clients. Thank you for all you do!

Doug Campbell Promotion

Congratulations to Douglas Campbell for being promoted to Assistant Director of Capital Infrastructure and Facility Management. Doug has been a vital component of the facilities team for the last 4 years. We look forward to his knowledge growing in our capital work and his continued leadership for the teams. Thank you for all you do!