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Conestoga Metropolitan District

The Conestoga Metropolitan District Nos. 1-5 (“Districts”) are governmental entities and political subdivisions of the State of Colorado, designed to serve as perpetual quasi-municipal corporations each operating with an elected five-person Board of Directors.  The primary purpose of the Districts are to finance infrastructure required by the Conestoga development and to provide an on-going institutional structure for the operation and maintenance of monumentation and signage, open space and common area landscaping, and other public facilities

The Service Plan for the Districts was approved by the Ault Town Board September 13, 2017 and approved by the voters of the District in November of 2017.  The Service Plan for the Districts provides the Districts with the ability to finance the construction, acquisition and installation of the public improvements needed within Conestoga including, but not limited to offsite streets, roadway, water, and sanitary sewer improvements, drainage, landscaping, irrigation water system and park and recreation improvements needed for the project and the development of the property within the Districts.  It also authorizes the Districts to provide for ongoing operations and maintenance of the signage and monumentation, open space and common area landscaping services, irrigation water systems (to the extent not dedicated to the Town of Ault for ownership, operation, and maintenance), covenant enforcement and architectural review.

The Districts have been designed to avoid the necessity of a homeowners association, and as currently permitted by law, may be utilized for covenant enforcement and design review.  The Districts, the developers and the builders within the Districts have elected to have the Districts provide covenant enforcement, design review, and any homeowners’ association functions permissible under Colorado law and eliminate the necessity of a separate homeowners’ association and a separate homeowners’ association fee. The Districts have certified a mill levy of 50.000 mills for 2019 for the purposes of recovering the infrastructure costs and the on-going costs of operation, maintenance, and administration of the Districts’ facilities and services.

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Conestoga Metropolitan District

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District Team

  • Shannon RandazzoDistrict Manager
  • Christy McCutchenCommunity Manager
  • Andrew KunkelDistrict Administrator
  • Wendy McFarlandAccounting Manager
  • Matt SorensonAccountant
  • Doug CampbellCapital Project Manager
  • Dillon GamberFacility Manager
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