Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company

The Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company, Inc (CRMC) was formed in 2015 to implement the Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project. CRMC is committed to implementing environmental mitigation and recreational modifications to allow reliable water storage to enhance water supplies for current and future generations.  

Boxelder Basin Regional Stormwater Authority

The Boxelder Basin Regional Stormwater Authority was created in August 2008 by Larimer County, the City of Fort Collins and the Town of Wellington in accordance with Colorado Revised Statute 29-1-203 by intergovernmental agreement (IGA). Authority Responsibility – The Authority is responsible for the implementation (including design, construction, operations, and maintenance) of regional improvements of … Continued

St. Mary’s Glacier Water & Sanitation District

Water & Sanitation Special Districts are governmental entities and political subdivisions of the State of Colorado, designed to serve as perpetual quasi-municipal corporations, each operating with an elected five-person Board of Directors. The primary purpose of the Districts is to finance public infrastructure required by the development and to provide an ongoing governmental structure for … Continued