Our Team

Kenny Parrish

District Manager

District Manager, Kenny Parrish manages the operations and maintenance of facilities and related services, covenant enforcement, architectural review and control, ownership and financial database management, budgeting, and the activities of the Board of Directors. On behalf of the district, he manages consultants, service vendors, contractors, and maintenance support personnel, while maintaining contracts, records, and governmental compliance.

Mr. Parrish began at Pinnacle in 2022 as an Assistant District Manager before moving into his current position. He has sixteen years of experience with the state of Colorado, first with the Department of Human Services, then with the Department of Labor and Employment. In the Business Enterprise Program, he used his keen interpersonal skills to coach and mentor visually impaired business owners on proven business practices, helping them enhance their operations. He also spent nine years in hospitality and resort management, and ten years in location management.

Active in his community, Mr. Parrish participates in green belt maintenance, and he assists his homeowner’s association whenever needed.

Landscaping and home improvement projects absorb a lot of Mr. Parrish’s off hours. He also enjoys the outdoors, particularly hiking and walking his dog. He and his wife of over 20 years have two children. He’s an avid fan of sports and loves to watch live music.


  • State Program Administration17 years experience
  • Hospitality/Resort Management9 years experience
  • Location Management11 years experience